Update: Changes to be made to Latvia’s selection, Supernova

Not too long ago we reported that Latvia will once again be using Supernova as their selection of choice, but of course as we know, things can change in the Eurovision world in a blink of an eye! More news has come out regarding certain changes that will be made to the competition.

Latvian broadcaster LTV has announced a number of changes to the format, with one of the most predominant being that for the first time, performers and songwriters aged 16 will be able to participate.

As we know from previous years, Spotify has played a big role in the selection. Popularity of songs among fans has influenced the result of the competition through the platform of Spotify, but the focus for 2019 is choosing a song that is a radio hit. To assist with this, the jury that will be evaluating the song submissions will be made up of representatives from the leading radio stations in Latvia.

Beyond just being a radio hit, the broadcaster are tightening the rules to restrict the competition to only feature songs that are professionally recorded. Songs that are submitted as a demo may not be listened to, and as the Head of Supernova DJ Rudd states, the ‘quality of work reflects the artist’s attitude and the willingness to represent his country in the largest TV show in Europe.’

The selection will once again be supported by the Universal Music Group to help promote Latvian music beyond the boundaries of Latvia and although the focus in Supernova is on Latvian performers, international authors and producers are welcome to take part in the competition.

The broadcaster has now opened the submission period and that will end on October 21.

Stay tuned for more news from Latvia!