Efi Gjika to represent Albania at Junior Eurovision!

Over the weekend, the Junior Eurovision selection took place in Albania where a total of 16 acts took to the stage to perform their entries, but of course only one song could win.

The show took place in Albania’s capital, Tirana, however wasn’t broadcast on television live, instead will be shown at a later date. This was also possible as the result was decided by a professional jury, therefore didn’t rely on public vote.

Here are the 16 participants:

  1. Hera Hysi – “Melodi pranverore” (Spring melody)
  2. Emmi Rushiti – “Mbremje feste (Celebration night)
  3. Kristiana Veshaj – “Sot” (Today)
  4. Efi Gjika  – “Barby”
  5. Jasmina Hoko – “Happy”
  6. Sindi Goga  – “Me tinguj fantazi” (With fantasy melody)
  7. Iris Sula & Samanta Qoshku – “Çdo gjë do dashuri” (Everything needs love)
  8. Era Rakipllai – “Panorama”
  9. Merlin Xhai – “Bote e re” (New world)
  10. Laura Boriçi – “Eshtë koha” (It’s time)
  11. Iris Dollani – “Ylberi im” (My rainbow)
  12. Sajana Kodheli – “Ylim” (My star)
  13. Ana Kodra – “Prindër ju lutem” (Parent, please)
  14. Melodian Mancala  – “Enderroj” (I dream)
  15. Speranca Bregasi – “Ditari” (Diary)
  16. Uendi Goga – “Olellin dhe yjet i dua” (The sky and stars love)

The winner of the show was Efi Gjika with the song Barby! Both the official video and national final performance have not yet become available through official channels, You can watch a recording from in the studio below, and we will update this post as soon as an official video goes up!