Eurovision Union’s Chart Toppers #22

Throughout 2017, Eurovision Union was dedicated in bringing you Weekly Playlists with new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, new and old, as well as stars we’d love to see at Eurovision one day! We made so many musical discoveries, and through 2018, we want to share with you which songs we’ve been loving! Some songs will come and go, and some will stick around – here are our Eurovision Union Chart Toppers!

  1. Forte e Chiaro – Capo Plaza (↑1)

Rising to the top of our Chart Toppers this time around is Capo Plaza, but this time with a song that hasn’t hit the number 1 spot yet. Forte e Chiaro was one of the more understated songs of the album 20, and after a few listens it has become one of my favourites of the album.

2. Me Gusta – Mikolas Josef (↓1)

This is such a radio-friendly and catchy song from Mikolas Josef, and here’s hoping it’s just a sign of things to come. At the time it was hard to see him topping Lie to Me, but I’m just going to say it – Me Gusta is now the favourite song child.

3. Heart of Gasoline – Lanberry (=)

This is such an underrated bop that needs more attention. Just like Me Gusta, this is very radio-friendly, and if this were to be played on mainstream radio, no one would suspect that this is from a Polish artist as it definitely has Swedish pop vibes.

4. Giovane Fuoriclasse – Capo Plaza (↑1)

This track concludes Capo Plaza’s debut album, and it is definitely the best way to finish the album. It’s definitely one of his most punchy songs in melody and beat, and even though the vocals have that signature Capo Plaza production, it’s slightly less noticeable than some of his other songs.

5. Buona Vita – Marco Mengoni (NEW)

Feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity for the latest Marco Mengoni singles (and we’re still waiting for the album) but the wait has been worth it. Both singles are great despite being very different from one another, but Buona Vita specifically is a very charming song.

6. Voglio – Marco Mengoni (NEW)

Voglio on the other hand is reminiscent of some of Marco’s earlier music whilst still being very current. It’s a bit more pop rock, but his vocals really blend well with this style. If this is a sign of what is to come, I’m excited to hear the entire album!

7. Ne è valsa la pena – Capo Plaza ft. Ghali (↓1)

Tropical Trap music, who ever thought we’d see the day. This is a very catchy tune from the tropical sounding beat to the melody. It’s one of the least ‘in your face’ songs off Capo Plaza’s album, and for that reason it really stands out.

8. Non Cambierò Mai – Capo Plaza (↓1)

The ominous intro to this song sets the tone to an intense song that doesn’t quite pack a punch like Giovane Fuoriclasse but is not far off. It takes a while to reach the chorus of this song but the wait is worth it! It’s also a nice break from the fast paced rap of the verses.

9. Giù da me – Capo Plaza (↓1)

This wasn’t a stand out song of the album instantly, but after a few listens I’m on board. It definitely isn’t my favourite song of the album, but it’s a song that I won’t skip if it comes up and the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it.

10. I Don’t – Robin Stjernberg (↓6)

Now for a change of pace, we’re back to the Swedish pop with one of our favourite Swedish Robin’s. This is one of the best pop releases of the year from Eurovision and/or National final stars, and I am not willing to argue the point!

11. Dance You Off (Extended Version) – Benjamin Ingrosso (↓2)

Why people dislike this song is beyond me, and months after Eurovision, this is still featuring in my playlists – mind you, the only Eurovision 2018 song to still feature in my playlists. This is such a catchy and contemporary pop song that deserves more love!

12. Perdonami – Salmo (↓2)

It’s been almost a year since I was introduced to this song, and since then it has become an all-time favourite. Yes, Salmo has released a new song, but I just can’t picture anything he releases being better than this short but sweet masterpiece!

13. Fammi Scendere – Rocco Hunt (↓2)

Rocco Hunt is the master of creating both street style rap and catchy, pop oriented rap of which this is the latter. Fammi Scendere has a catchy beat and melody that’s very much radio-friendly. Let’s say, it’s the type of song that we’d see him take to Sanremo.

14. 90min – Salmo (↓2)

This is another interesting musical style combination, as we have a bit of rock mixed with rap mixed with an electronic beat. This is a very unique song that won’t be to everyone’s taste, but the ones who like it will really like it.

15. Killer – Nathan Trent (↓2)

I think I can officially call it – I think this is my favourite Nathan Trent song, but that is until he releases another bop which is bound to happen soon! The melody in the verses is the best part of the song, especially mixed with Nathan’s smooth as butter vocals!

16. Trap Phone – Gue Pequeno feat. Capo Plaza (↓2)

The last of the rap songs of this Chart Toppers post, and it’s a collaboration with two hot artists right now, Gue Pequeno and Capo Plaza. Both have taken the charts by storm, so unsurprisingly, this song was also a massive hit in Italy.

17. Torna a Casa – Måneskin (↓2)

This is unlike any other song on our Chart Toppers this time around, as it’s a moving ballad style song. I haven’t yet sunk my teeth into the new album from Måneskin but if it’s anything like both this and their previous singles, it’s going to be a rollercoaster for the senses in the best way possible.

18. Imprint – Felix Sandman (↓2)

What else to say about this song other than it’s a total bop. I have briefly listened to Felix’s album, and yet this is still easily my favourite song of his, even including his incredibly popular song Every Single Day.

19. I Wanna Fall In Love Again – Robin Bengtsson (↓2)

This is very much a bop as well, this time from our other favourite Robin of Sweden. There’s not much to say about this song other than it’s a catchy number with incredibly smooth and soulful vocals!

20. I Wouldn’t Know – Benjamin Ingrosso (↓2)

Admittedly this song hasn’t had too much airtime lately, but it’s still a cracking tune from Benjamin Ingrosso. It’s a bit different to his previous singles, but definitely still radio-friendly and likable.