Loreen completes her ‘Nude’ EP with the track Ocean Away

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been bringing you former Eurovision winner Loreen’s newest music releases, and now the trio is complete, with the final track of her ‘Nude’ EP released.

The first track in the EP is titled Body, which was released mid-July, which was a dance track featuring familiar elements from Loreen’s previous work, such as her smooth vocals, but yet was clear that Loreen was pursuing an interesting new avenue.

The second track released was titled Jungle, which featured Elliphant. It was like chalk and cheese between Body and Jungle, with the latter featuring a more relaxed vibe, stepping away from the heavy dance beat. Despite the variation in musical style, the song is still very Loreen!

That leads us to the third and final release off the Nude Ep, which is titled Ocean Away. The song ends the EP on an incredibly relaxed vibe, and features the strongest melody of the trio. The song is reminiscent of some of her previous tunes, such as Heal and Everytime, both off her album titled Heal (which incredibly was released 5 years ago – how time flies).

Interestingly enough, all three of these tracks still vary quite greatly from her Melodifestivalen song of 2017, Statements, which had a more rock oriented and dirtier sound. All this says is that Loreen is a talented artist who can very adequately adapt to a range of musical styles. What brings it all together is her incredibly raw vocals, which are flawless on each and every song she releases.

As we’ve also previously discussed, the influx of new music is coming from the changes Loreen has made with her record label, namely switching from Warner to BMG, which has allowed her to pursue her own musical direction. If these three tunes aren’t enough to satisfy the Loreen cravings, don’t stress, there’s a full length album due to be released in the coming months!

Listen to the Nude EP here: