Eurovision Union’s October Playlist!

Throughout 2017, we enjoyed creating weekly playlists featuring songs from Eurovision and national final stars, new and old. This year, instead of (im)patiently waiting for artists to release new music each week, we’ve decided to focus on new music on a monthly basis.

We’ve selected songs that have been released on Spotify this month, and we’ve excluded songs that are competing in national finals (as we have our national final playlists for these tracks!). Also, since there’s thousands of Eurovision and National Final stars from over the years, it can be hard to keep up with all the new releases, so if you notice a song is missing, let us know and we’ll add it to the playlist!

New Albums

There have been a few album and EP releases during October, so let’s get into it! First up is AWS, the Hungarian representatives from 2018 who have released their album titled Fekete Részem. The album features 13 songs including their Eurovision entry plus the acoustic version. We have featured X/0 as well as Fuss on this playlist!

Former Eurovision winner Jamala has also released an album in October which features a total of 10 tracks including I Believe in U which she performed at Eurovision 2017 as a Grand Final interval act. Two songs have been featured in our playlist!

Former Swedish representative Robin Stjernberg released his latest EP titled Under Water and features four songs including the previously released single I Don’t. We have featured the other songs off the EP which are Under Water, It’s Hard to Get Hurt (When you got nobody) and Always.

Czech artist Marta Jandová has also released a new album titled Barvy which features 11 tracks. We have featured the title track of the album on the playlist.

From former Eurovision winner Conchita we have From Vienna With Love which is a collaboration with the Wiener Symphoninker and features some original and cover songs in collaboration with the orchestra. We have featured Writing’s on the Wall in the playlist.

From Italy, we have Valerio Scanu who has previously participated in Sanremo, and has just released an album titled Dieci. We have featured the song Capovolgo il Mondo in this month’s playlist.

New Singles from Eurovision Stars

It has been a huge month for new releases from Eurovision stars, and in fact, our biggest month yet. Let’s start with the most recent Eurovision participants, and work our way back, so from the class of 2018 we have Mikolas Josef with his latest track Me Gusta which is one of our favourite releases of the year so far. Fellow 2018 participant Ryan O’Shaughnessy released a single titled Civil War, and ZiBBZ released a single titled Rich. We have a new track from Moldovan act DoReDos and the hotly anticipated new track from Eleni Foureira titled Tómame. Franka has also released a new single titled Ti Mi Nosiš Sreću.

From previous editions of the contest, we have Triana Park with their new single titled Stars, as well as fellow Latvian representative Intars Busulis with his latest track Divatā.

From Scandinavia we have a few releases, including from Anna Bergendahl with a song titled Raise the Vibe. From Eric Saade, we have Så jävla fel and from former winner Charlotte Perrelli we have the tune Kommer du tro på mig. From Finland we have a Norma John collaboration with titled Kouvola. From Iceland we have Svala and her latest single Karma.

We have featured the latest track from Magdi Rúzsa titled Aduász, as well as new some new tunes from Ukrainian artists Ani Lorak and Alyosha. From Russia we have Kholodny Noyabr by Sergey Lazarev, and from Moldova we have the latest track from Arsenium. From Georgia we have a collaboration with Tamara Gachechiladze and BiBi Kvachi titled Neighborhood.

From Natasha St-Pier we have Nous Sommes, and from Italian superstar Marco Mengoni we have his two latest singles Buona Vita and Voglio. From Helena Paparizou we have Kati Skoteino and from Minus One we have the song Girl. We have also featured the latest single from Harel Skaat!

New Singles from National Final Stars

There have been a fair few releases from National Final stars too, so let’s get into it! Starting with Liis Lemsalu, former Eesti Laul participant who released her latest single early in October titled Hingata. From Baltic neighbours Latvia, we have former national finalists Markus Riva and Miks Dukurs who have both released singles during October.

From Scandinavia we have a few new releases including from De Vet Du with their song Profil. From Mimi Werner we have the song Two Floors Down, and from Dolly Style we have two new releases, Hush Little Baby (VIP) and Red Lights. From Jasmine Kara we have the song Labkhand. Popular Swedish artist and former national finalist Darin has also released a new single titled Identiteslös.

Keeping with the Scandi theme, we also have Friðrik Dór with the song Hata að hafa Þig ekki hér.

From across Europe, we have Lanberry with two new singles, the first titled Heart of Gasoline and the other is Nie Ma Mnie. From Hungary we have yesyes with the song The Beast Comes Alive as well as Leander Kills with their latest track Wasted Years.

From Spain we have Miriam Rodríguez with the song No! and from Italy we have Elodie with the song Rambla.