2018 Junior Eurovision Reviews – FYR Macedonia

FYR Macedonia have definitely had a rollercoaster history when it comes to Junior Eurovision, but over the years, more often than not, we see the nation sit somewhere in the middle of the results table. In fact, the nation has placed 12th a total of seven times! Representing FYR Macedonia this year is Marija Spasovska with the song Doma, but will this end up as yet another 12th place to add to their collection?

If this comes 12th, I won’t just be upset, but I would be mad. FYR Macedonia have turned things around in the last few years when it comes to Junior Eurovision which perhaps don’t show in the results, but as a long time viewer of the contest, it’s been clear to see the change of approach since 2016. The latest two songs have been contemporary and catchy songs, but Doma is really next level.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t expecting an entry like this from FYR Macedonia, but when you look at the team behind the song (Darko Dimitrov and Elena Risteska) it’s clear to see how we ended up with a masterpiece such as this. Opening with clear ethnic instrumentation and vocals is a quick way to grab the attention of Eurovision fans, and from the get-go, this song is pure magic.

From the first verse, the tension builds all the way through the chorus. Reaching the second verse, a heavier beat is added which is a contemporary contrast to the ethnic instrumentation of the backing track. Featuring an instrumental break is a nice way to break up the song and give Marija a vocal break, however from that point on, all the build-up through the verses and choruses leads to somewhat of an underwhelming finish.

This is only a minor criticism of a song that for Junior Eurovision is actually mind-blowingly good. In fact it’s so good that I would happily choose this over many of the previous Macedonian songs not just from Junior Eurovision but from Eurovision itself. What diversifies this song is the fact that in sound it’s actually quite dark and usually with Junior Eurovision I personally prefer the upbeat entries but this is a ballad that is too good to ignore.

In a sense I think this song is almost too good for Junior Eurovision, and for that reason I am concerned that it will be overlooked by the voters. I think this entry will benefit hugely by a good spot in the running order plus a stage performance that doesn’t fall into the ‘bad FYR Macedonia staging’ category like most other entries do. If they can capture that same atmosphere as the music video, I think they will be in a better position to finish high.

This deserves to do well, but whether it will actually do well is a different story. Unfortunately this is one of the entries I can’t quite predict the results of, especially knowing that the previous two entries which were quite good entries failed to even break into the Top 10.

The more I listen to this, the more I love it. Another generous 10/10 from me.

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