2018 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Wales

It was announced earlier in the year that Wales would be making their independent debut at Junior Eurovision which was understandably met with excitement from Junior Eurovision fans worldwide. The more the merrier, right? Through a national final, the nation selected Manw as their entrant with the song Berta, which has now been changed to Perta but either way, the song is the same!

I will preface this review by saying each of the participants at Junior Eurovision are all talented and show great promise, however as with any music, it’s totally subjective and some songs connect with some but not with others. With that said, this song is just not for me.

From the first listen of the song, I found this to be underwhelming. Yes, there was a revamp of this song, but admittedly I don’t seem to hear the ‘drastic’ differences that others are hearing. The instrumental section backing Manw is perhaps more pronounced, but it hasn’t successfully changed how I feel about this song.

Having read the English translation of the lyrics, I think the message of the song is wonderful, but unfortunately for me it has been packed into a bland melody. The song feels quite monotone and doesn’t really seem to reach any sort of climax, even with the key change. I think you are bound to love a song if you love its chorus, and that is one of the more disappointing elements of this song for me as I just don’t connect with the melodies at all.

Even though I’m not a fan, I do think this has a niche audience, and many part of that niche came out after the revamp. Will it win Junior Eurovision? Incredibly unlikely to happen, but will it gain votes, I think so. If they can convey the message of the song through the visual performance it will help give meaning for those who haven’t heard the song before, but if this gets stuck between two upbeat songs, or two favourites, this may not stand out.

I love that Wales is now participating at the contest, but unfortunately their debut entry is just not doing the most. Sorry Wales, but it’s 4/10 from me.

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