2018 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Belarus

Belarus are one of only two countries to have participated in each and every year of Junior Eurovision, and throughout those years, the nation has had quite a bit of success. Belarus has achieved two wins (so far) and a handful of Top 5 finishes, but will they continue in that direction this year? Daniel Yastremski will be representing Belarus with his song Time, but will it be time to declare Belarus the winners, or time to say goodbye to a Top 10 finish?

In case you have been living under a rock, Belarus will be hosting this year’s contest meaning that there will be home crowd support for Daniel. Across the other side of the world, I will also be giving my support for Belarus this year. Long story short, I love this entry.

Belarus served up an incredibly contemporary entry last year, and this year they are following that path with yet another very current song. This is more upbeat than last year’s entry, but this is incredibly radio friendly, and probably why I like this song as much as I do. The beat is catchy and the melody is both relaxing and addictive. Mixed with Daniel’s smooth vocals, Belarus have really landed on something good here.

We have seen a few versions of this entry, from the ‘original’ to the most recent which saw the key go down to match Daniel’s changing vocal range. Either way, this song is one that I’ll be listening to even after the contest. Although the contest version is fantastic as it is, the real highlight was the collaboration between Daniel and Kirill Good. In a sense, I wish it was this acoustic version going to Junior Eurovision as it is just SO good. It’s incredibly mature, especially with the flawless harmonies. I’d argue that this is better than the Belarusian Eurovision entry from 2018.

We’ve seen a preview of the stage costumes for this performance, and it left fans a little bit underwhelmed, but I think if the stage performance can capture the maturity and the contemporary nature of this song it will certainly gain votes. That said, I think this song may appeal to the older viewers, and may I say it, the teen girls will likely be a fan of his charming stage presence.

This hasn’t been a hit with all Junior Eurovision fans, and I personally don’t see why this isn’t getting rave reviews from more people. In terms of results, I think this will end up somewhere in the Top 10, but perhaps not as high as what I think it deserves. This is definitely up there with my favourite Belarusian entries at Junior Eurovision, and in terms of a rating, it’s an easy 10/10 from me.

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