Eurovision Union’s December Playlist!

Throughout 2017, we enjoyed creating weekly playlists featuring songs from Eurovision and national final stars, new and old. This year, instead of (im)patiently waiting for artists to release new music each week, we’ve decided to focus on new music on a monthly basis.

We’ve selected songs that have been released on Spotify this month, and we’ve excluded songs that are competing in national finals (as we have our national final playlists for these tracks!). Also, since there’s thousands of Eurovision and National Final stars from over the years, it can be hard to keep up with all the new releases, so if you notice a song is missing, let us know and we’ll add it to the playlist!

New Albums

It has been a fairly quiet month in terms of album releases, but there have been a few including the following:

AWS have released a new album titled Madách, and from the album we have featured the song Budapest on this month’s playlist. Fellow 2018 Eurovision Representative Alfred has also released an album which is titled 1016. On the playlist we have featured the songs Et Bull Veure and De La Tierra Hasta Marte.

It doesn’t end there, with fellow 2018 performer Franka releasing the album S Tobom. On the playlist we have featured Oprosti Mi and Ljubav Je.

From former national finalist Mick Pedaja we have the song Heat & Leaf off his latest album titled Avaimus.

New Singles from Eurovision Stars

Starting off with the class of 2018, we have Amaia with her latest single Un Nuevo Lugar, as well as DoReDos with the song Constantine. From Benjamin Ingrosso we have the single Behave (James Carter Remix) and from Michael Schulte we have the single The Love You Left Behind.

From previous editions of Eurovision, we have Pápai Joci with his upcoming Adal entry which is another great single from him. We have Swiss entrant Anna Rossinelli with the song Feel it, and former Danish representative Tim Schou with the acoustic version of his single Instinct. Speaking of acoustic, we also have the song Moment by Blanche in the piano version.

We have new music from some strong female voices including Jamala and Alma, as well as former Croatian representative Severina. Demy has released a new song titled Ela, and from Kejsi Tola, we have the track Me Ke Mua. We also have new tracks from Tina Karol, Kaliopi, Anna Vissi and Eleftheria Eleftheriou.

There have been a few remixes released during December, including from Getter Jaani, with the nightcore remix of her Eurovision entry, Rockefeller Street. We also have a remix of Mandinga’s single Soy de Cuba.

This, and plenty more on our December playlist!

New Singles from National Final Stars

From Spain, we have former OT national finalist Ana Guerra with her latest track titled Olvídame. From fellow Big 5 nations, we have a few new releases from former French national final stars including Sweem with his latest track, Himalaya as well as a new track from Masoe titled Le Coeur à l’envers.

From Scandinavia we have Molly Sandén with her latest single Jag E (Vierge modern) as well as the track After You by ISA. Also featured is Mimi Werner with the remix of her track Two Floors Down. From Finland we have the latest single from Lauri Yrjölä titled Viimeinen virhe.

From Hungary we have the latest single from Leander Kills titled Kell A Háború as well as the song Meztelen by Majka and Horváth Támas.

From Estonia we have Kui Isegi Kaotan by Grete Paia, and from neighbours Latvia we have the latest track from Markus Riva. From fellow eastern nations we have new music from Gunesh and NuAngels.

This plus more on our playlist which you can listen to below: