Eurovision Union Award 2018 Winners Revealed: Part 2

It has been another fantastic year of new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, so in our Eurovision Union Awards, we celebrate the best new music of the year with the help of you, the fans! Over the last few weeks, you have been able to vote in 13 different categories and now is the time to start revealing the winners! In Part 1 we will reveal six of the winners, and in Part 2 we will reveal the final seven winners of this year’s awards! Once again, thank you to everyone who voted, and without further ado, here are the winners!

Best Music Video

As much as we love the songs themselves, we want to also celebrate the art of the music video. The nominated music videos this year were chosen for their ability to tell a story, for their creativity and for being some of the most memorable of the year. With so many good options, it was difficult to pick just one winner, but you, the fans have voted and we do have a winner and that is…

On Fire – Loïc Nottet

This is Loïc’s second award in our Eurovision Union Awards of 2018 having taken out Best Alternative Act as well. This is once again another deserving win with the music video for On Fire certainly one of the most cinematic of the nominees. As we have come to expect, the music video features intricate choreography which suits his quirky musical style.

Top 3:

  • On Fire – Loïc Nottet
  • Fuego – Eleni Foureira
  • Imprint – Felix Sandman

Best Pop Act

Let’s talk pop music. It’s one of the most widely loved musical genres, especially within the Eurovision world, so picking the nominees was difficult enough, but luckily it was up to you to decide on the winner! From the strong female voices of Saara Aalto, Eleni Foureira and Molly Hammar to the diverse male nominees Felix Sandman, Amir, Alessio Bernabei and Benjamin Ingrosso, all would have been deserving winners, but here’s who you voted for…

Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto had a fantastic year this year having represented Finland at Eurovision with a killer pop number, but also having released her album Wild Wild Wonderland. She describes her style as Epic Love Pop, and that sums it up very well!

Top 3:

  • Saara Aalto
  • Amir
  • Eleni Foureira

Best Male Artist

This category celebrates the best male vocalists from the Eurovision world and this year we featured seven talented artists who released some of the best singles and albums of the year. Who could forget Mikolas Josef bringing the Czech Republic to their best Eurovision placing, or Robin Stjernberg releasing an incredible EP – from Marco Mengoni and his anticipated album release, to the incredible music from our other nominees including Nathan Trent, Sergey Lazarev, Kristian Kostov and Basim. Here’s your winner…

Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni has topped the list with a convincing win. For most of this year, we didn’t hear much from Marco, however he did not disappoint with his latest album Atlantico which has been a total hit. Coming in second was Mikolas Josef who also had a great year!

Top 3:

  • Marco Mengoni
  • Mikolas Josef
  • Robin Stjernberg

Best Female Artist

Just like the previous category, this one goes out to all the outstanding female voices of the year. Selecting the nominees was once again difficult, but the seven who did make it to the list have all released some of the best music of the year, whether it be complete albums as from Saara Aalto, Anouk or Lanberry, or memorable singles like those from Eleni Foureira, Blanche, Netta and Svala. The fans have decided, and here is the winner…

Saara Aalto

We are seeing her name pop up a few times today with the popular Finnish artist once again topping the votes. She has definitely served up some of the biggest fan favourite tunes, especially those from the Finnish selection, and then also on her latest album. Trailing behind was Eleni Foureira in second place.

Top 3:

  • Saara Aalto
  • Eleni Foureira
  • Blanche

EP of the Year

2018 definitely saw more singles and albums more than EP’s, but since the EP’s that were released were outstanding, we couldn’t let this category go. Featured were six great options with definitely more sway towards Swedish artists, but hey, they sure know how to create great music! This was another close vote, but we do have a winner by a small margin, and that is…

Robin Stjernberg

What a deserving win from the former Eurovision artist, Robin Stjernberg. His music has evolved over the years, and the release of his EP Under Water was truly one of his best releases. The single I Don’t was nominated for Song of the Year, but let’s not forget the other tracks on the EP which also deserve a whole lot of love. Not too far behind was Kristian Kostov with his EP, Shower Thoughts.

Top 3:

  • Under Water – Robin Stjernberg
  • Shower Thoughts – Kristian Kostov
  • Senza Filtri – Alessio Bernabei

Album of the Year

Perhaps one of the toughest categories of the Awards this year, this one goes out to the artists who went beyond releasing singles and gave us plenty of material to listen to during the year. Again, some pretty fantastic Scandinavian releases, especially from both Felix Sandman and Benjamin Ingrosso, but there was definitely a diverse range as part of our nominees this year. With that said, two albums raced ahead in the voting, but the winner is…

Atlantico – Marco Mengoni

He made us wait till the end of the year to finally listen to his newest album, but it was definitely worth the wait and it seems you all agree! This is his second award thus far in this year’s Eurovision Union Awards, and again much deserved! Coming in second was Saara Aalto with her album Wild Wild Wonderland.

Top 3:

  • Atlantico – Marco Mengoni
  • Wild Wild Wonderland – Saara Aalto
  • I Hear a Song – Dami Im

Song of the Year

This year has been an incredible year for music with so many songs standing out above the rest. We selected just 10 songs released during this year, with these 10 songs being either some of the most talked about songs, or simply songs that have caught our attention as being the best the artists have released. Another huge effort in the voting thanks to the fans, and we do have a winner…

Voglio – Marco Mengoni

Taking out his third award this year is Marco Mengoni, the Italian superstar! Only recently he released two singles prior to his album release, with those being Buona Vita and Voglio. Even just picking between the two was tough, but Voglio stood out as it felt like a bit of the old school Marco was making a return. It was clearly loved by many with the result in the votes, but not too far behind was Loïc Nottet with his latest release, On Fire.

Top 3:

  • Voglio – Marco Mengoni
  • On Fire – Loïc Nottet
  • Fuego – Eleni Foureira

A big thank you once again to everyone who took the time to vote in our Eurovision Union Awards! If you missed Part 1 of the results, you can check it out here. We suspect that 2019 will be another fantastic year for new music from all the talented Eurovision and national final stars, and we hope you stick with Eurovision Union in the New Year as we are dedicated in bringing you the best new tunes!

You can listen to all the nominees in the playlist below, and make sure to follow us on Spotify to listen to all the new releases!