Eurovision 2019: Serbian national finalists revealed

The Serbian broadcaster RTS have now announced the 24 artists that will compete in the upcoming edition of Beovizija. The winner of the competition will go on to represent Serbia at Eurovision this year, which as we know will be held in Tel Aviv.

Here are the competing artists:

  • Aleksandra Sekulić – Tugo (Sadness)
  • Ana Popović – Lutaš (You’re crazy)
  • Dunja Vujadinović – 7
  • Dženan Lončarević – Nema suza (No tears)
  • Džipsikord – Boje (Colours)
  • Eleonora – Samo lagano (Take it easy)
  • Fankd Ap – Zašto da se ne desi (Why did it not happen)
  • Goga Stanić – Ti znaš da ne znaš me (You know that you don’t know me)
  • Ivan Kurtić – Bella – Bela (Beautiful – White)
  • Ivana Vladović & Vonder strings – Moja bol (My pain)
  • Jana Šušteršić – Viktorija (Victoria)
  • Lana & Aldo – Pogledaj u nebo (Look at the sky)
  • Lord – Radnički sin (Worker’s son)
  • Majdan – Budim te (I’m waking you)
  • MR DOO – Do 100 (Up to 100)
  • Nataša & Una – Slobodna (Free)
  • Nevena Božović – Kruna (Crown)
  • Osvajači – Vatra i plamen (Fire and flame)
  • Sanja Rio – Ljubimo se (We love each other)
  • Saška Janks – Da li čuješ moj glas (Do you hear my voice)
  • Snežana Berić (Extra Nena) – Još ti čujem glas (I still hear your voice)
  • Sofija Perić – Aritmija (Arrhythmia)
  • Tamara Milanović – Reči nisu dovoljne (Words are not enough)
  • Tina & Lola Amvon – Tvoje oči (Your eyes)

There are some familiar faces in the line-up, including former Junior Eurovision and Eurovision participant, Nevena Božović. She represented Serbia at Junior Eurovision in 2007 finishing in 3rd place, then returned to Eurovision as part of the group Moje 3 in 2013, however failed to qualify to the final.

Snežana Berić also known as Extra Nena was the last artist to represent Yugoslavia at Eurovision which was back in 1992.

Beovizija 2019 will be held in February and will feature both a jury of music experts and the public, both of which will have 50% value of the total vote to decide who will represent Serbia at Eurovision.

Watch the 2018 Serbian performance below:


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