Artist Profiles: Basim

Basim became a known name in the Eurovision world after he represented Denmark on home soil back in 2014. As the host nation, Denmark was straight through to the final, where Basim was met with huge cheers of support.

Who is Basim?

Anis Basim Moujahid, known better simply as Basim, is a Danish pop singer with Moroccan roots. He first became known with his participation in the X Factor back in 2008. Music runs in the family, with his brother Nabil also competing in a later season of the show as part of the group In-Joy.

The Journey to Eurovision

At the age of 15, Basim participated on Danish version of The X Factor where he reached the quarterfinals. After the competition, he released his debut album called ‘Alt det jeg ville have sagt’, meaning ‘Everything I Would Have Said’. The album reached number 8 on the Danish Albums Chart, with three singles released from the album.

In October 2009, he released his second studio album titled ‘Belfri dig selv’. The album reached number 21 on the Danish Albums Chart. In the same year, he competed on the Danish version of Dancing with the Stars, where he finished in 9th.

Fast forward to 2014, and Basim was featured in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix line-up, with the ticket to Eurovision up for grabs. He competed with the song ‘Cliché Love Song’ which finished on top, meaning he would represent Denmark at Eurovision on home soil. He performed 23rd in the running order at Eurovision, and finished 9th in the final overall.

What Happened Next?

Basim followed up his Eurovision single with ‘Picture in a Frame’, and in the following year, ‘Kostbar’. In 2015, he also acted as the voting spokesperson at Eurovision for Denmark.

There were a few years of silence from Basim, however he returned in 2017 with a whole new sound. Basim returned with ‘Comme ci comme ça’, a single heavily influenced by his Moroccan roots. The single reached number 2 on the charts, equalling his highest charting single.

Continuing with the new sound, he released Aji Aji which charted at number 6. The following year, he collaborated with Benny Jamz on the song Tifældigt which was another chart success.

Also in 2018, he released ‘Tanker’, and rounded out the year with the single ‘Umuligt’.

2019 saw the release of two new singles, ‘La Historia’ and ‘Lov Mig’. Both songs continued with Basim’s post-Eurovision direction, mixing catchy melodies with ethnic beats.

His most recent single is titled ‘Du gør det godt’ which features Johnson and Hedegaard. The song features more of the pop influence we heard in his Eurovision days, and charted at 22 on the Danish charts.