Hungary: Here are the Qualifiers from Heat 2!

The second heat of the Hungarian national selection has taken place with the next 10 competitors performing their potential Eurovision entries.

Out of the ten entries, only six would qualify for the next round of the competition. The voting took place over two rounds. The jury consisting of Lilla Vincze, Feró Nagy, Miklós Both and Misi Mező gave their points on each performance, and the top 5 point scorers qualified to the semi-finals. In the second stage of voting, the Hungarian public were given the chance to save one of the five remaining acts.

Here are the results of the show:

  1. Acoustic Planet – Nyári zápor – 43 points (Jury Qualifier)
  2. Diana – Little Bird – 34 points
  3. Fatal Error – Kulcs – 45 points (Jury Qualifier)
  4. Gotthy – Csak 1 perc – 26 points
  5. Klára Hajdu – You’re Gonna Rise – 32 points
  6. Dávid Heatlie– La Mama Hotel – 34 points
  7. The Middletonz – Roses – 41 points (Jury Qualifier)
  8. The Sign – Ő – 38 points (Jury Qualifier)
  9. Bence Vavra – Szótlanság – 39 points (Jury Qualifier)
  10. yesyes – Incomplete – 35 points (Public Qualifier)

The qualifiers from this week will join the qualifiers from last week, who were:

  • Gergő Szekér – Madár, repülj!
  • Konyha – Százszor visszajátszott
  • Tímea Antal feat. Gergő Demko – Kedves Világ!
  • Nomad – A remény hídjai
  • Gergő Oláh – Hozzád bújnék
  • DENIZ – Ide várnak vissza

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