Internal Selections: Here are the Song Release Dates!

We have reached that point in the national final season where it seems that the participant list is growing, but yet we don’t seem to have too many songs from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This is due to the handful of internally selected artists who are yet to release their songs, but as we get closer to the deadline date, artists and broadcasters are now starting to release the dates that the songs will be revealed.

Here are the dates we know so far:

Belgium – 28th February

Back in January it was announced that 18 year old singer Eliot would represent Belgium at this year’s Eurovision. What we know so far is that the song will be written by Pierre Dumoulin who previously wrote City Lights which was performed by Blanche at Eurovision 2017.

The title of the song is yet to be revealed, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out as the song will be released on the 28th of February.

Read more about Eliot here.

Cyprus – March 5th

Late last year it was announced that Tamta will represent Cyprus at Eurovision this year, and after a long wait, we will finally get to hear her entry on March 5th. The song title was announced at the same time as the artist announcement, and the song title is ‘Replay.’ The song was written by Alex P who also wrote Fuego for Eleni Foureira last year.

Read more about Tamta here.

Greece – March 6th

Despite being rumoured to represent Greece for months, it was only officially announced this month that Katerine Duska would represent Greece at Eurovision. Since that announcement, it has also been revealed that the song will be called Better Love, and will likely be performed completely in English. The song will be released on March 6th.

Read more about Katerine Duska here.

The Netherlands – March 7th

Late January it was announced by the Dutch broadcaster that Duncan Laurence would be representing the nation at this year’s Eurovision. The song title is yet to be revealed, and we really don’t know too much information about this entry. What we do know is that it will be revealed on March 7th.

Read more about Duncan Laurence here.

Switzerland – March 7th

This is a unique case in this line-up as we don’t yet know the artist that will be representing Switzerland. The song and artist announcement is set to be announced on March 7th. This is a different format for Switzerland who often choose to select their artists and songs through a public national final.

Update, it’s Luca Hänni to represent Switzerland! Read more about him here.

San Marino – March 7th
As we know, earlier in the Eurovision season it was revealed that Serhat would be returning to Eurovision for San Marino’s 10th anniversary appearance at the contest, and now we know that the song will be revealed on March 7th.

Read more about Serhat here.

Austria – March 8th

Back in January we found out that PAENDA would be representing Austria at this year’s Eurovision with the song Limits. Of course we had to wait a little longer to hear the entry, but it will be released on March 8th.

Read more about PAENDA here.

Ireland – March 8th

Ireland have now announced that they will be presenting their artist and song on March 8th.

Update, it’s Sarah McTernan to represent Ireland with the song ’22’! Read more here.

Azerbaijan – March 8th

Azerbaijan are joining the March 8th party as they will be one of four nations to reveal their entries on this day. We don’t yet know the representative either, so it’s a double reveal!

Update, it will be Chingiz to represent Azerbaijan with the song ‘Truth’ – read more here.

North Macedonia (FYR Macedonia) – March 8th

Towards the end of January, it was announced that Tamara Todevska would be returning to the Eurovision stage to represent North Macedonia. She has previously represented the nation as part of the trio Tamara, Vrčak & Adrijan back in 2008. This time she will perfom as a soloist, and the titled of the song is ‘Proud.’ The song will be released on March 8th.

Read more about Tamara here.

Poland – March 8th

Poland had previously announced that they would be sending the group Tulia to Eurovision, and now we know that the song they will be performing is Fire of Love!

Read more here

Russia – March 9th

It was previously announced that Russia would be represented by Sergey Lazarev, who will be making his second appearance at Eurovision. This time around, his song is titled Scream!

Read more about Sergey here

Israel – March 10th

As in recent years, Israel chose to use the format of Rising Star to select their Eurovision artist, however the song is released at a later date. Not too long ago it was announced that Kobi Marimi had won the competition, and as such will represent Israel on home soil this year. The song title has been reported as ‘Home,’ and we will be able to hear the entry on March 10th.

Read more about Kobi Marimi here.

Armenia – March 10th

Armenia previously selected Srbuk to represent them at Eurovision this year, and her song Walking Out will be revealed on the 10th of March.

Read more about Srbuk here.

Malta – March 10th

Malta selected their Eurovision artist through the debut season of the X Factor Malta, which as we know Michela Pace won. Her song was to be revealed at a later date, and it will be revealed on March 10th.

Read more about Michela here

Stay tune for more news from all of these nations, and this post will be updated as the songs are released. Which entry are you most looking forward to hearing?