2019 Eurovision Reviews – Cyprus

Cyprus certainly aren’t the most successful nation when it comes to Eurovision, but their hunger to win the contest has grown over the last few years, culminating in their 2nd place finish in last year’s contest. It would take a special artist to follow in the footsteps of Eleni Foureira, but the broadcaster has managed to do it. Representing Cyprus this year will be Tamta, the Greek-Georgian artist who has had a lengthy and successful international career. Tamta will be performing the song Replay, but will Cyprus be able to replicate their success?

Song + Vocals

Soon after the song release, it was clear that fans were instantaneously making the connection between Replay and Fuego. Yes, it is quite similar, and by quite similar I mean very similar, but it’s unsurprising knowing that the same core songwriter features on both of the tracks. Unfortunately, I think to some degree the ‘drama’ as you will, has somewhat overshadowed the song itself, but realistically, this is yet another strong pop number from Cyprus.

Let’s separate the two songs and just focus on Replay – the song is upbeat, which in the context of this year’s contest is a big positive. The song has a subtle ethnic beat which pushes this song from being a generic pop entry, and it mixes well with the melody. The verses set the tone of the song, but the pre-chorus helps build to the chorus which is ultimately the part that will stay in your head long after you’ve heard the song. Long story short, this is a catchy entry.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe we’ve heard this song live as of yet, so it’s hard to comment on what to expect in terms of vocal performance. Despite that, I’ve done my research and watched some of Tamta’s live performances, and it’s safe to say that she has had a successful career for a reason. If we go back to the comparisons, Eleni Foureira wasn’t the strongest vocalist of the bunch last year, but yet it was the whole performance package which resulted in Cyprus finishing in 2nd place. I suspect Cyprus will be delivering an overall package once again.

Act + Performance

Cyprus know what they want, and they are going for it, and Tamta is just the right artist for them. She is an experienced, talented artist who seems to be well suited for stage performances much like Eleni Foureira was last year. I think what we can expect from Cyprus is a fashion forward, modern and memorable performance which will certainly send Cyprus into the final.

A song like Replay lends itself to so many different choreography options, lighting and staging options and even outfit options so it will be interesting to see whether they come up with something unique rather than basing their staging off the success of Fuego.


As Eurovision fans, it’s hard not to compare Replay and Fuego, but let’s remember that a huge proportion of viewers who will tune in on the night may not have seen or remembered Fuego, and realistically, it’s a new year hence a new opportunity for success. Even so, Fuego was a good song as much as Replay is a good song, and based of that alone, Cyprus will be seeing another good result. Will it reach 2nd place, or even win the contest – I would have to disagree, but a Top 10 result isn’t a big stretch.



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