New Music: STIG releases Lonkeronvärinen Taivas

I was first introduced to the unique style of Stig (not to be confused with Estonian artist Stig Rästa) after he performed the song Laululeija in the Finnish Eurovision national selection back in 2012, and although he may have drifted into oblivion for many Eurovision fans, Stig has certainly remained as one of those artists I always have an eye on.

That’s not to say that Stig hasn’t found success – looking at his popular tracks on Spotify, there are a fair few tracks which have cruised past the 2 million stream mark, with his 2014 single Roy Orbison surpassing 7 million streams.

How to describe his music? I would say that Stig takes from various different styles such as Alternative Pop, Country and Folk and all this mixed with his unique vocals makes for a memorable combination. His latest release is titled Lonkeronvärinen Taivas, and despite the difficult to pronounce name as a native English speaker, the song isn’t a difficult listen.

Compared to some of his more kitschy releases, Lonkeronvärinen Taivas is certainly more laid back with arguably more of a radio friendly melody. Instead of the often jovial sound to his music, this song feels much more wholesome and perhaps a good starter track for someone who isn’t familiar with his music. For something boppier, Roy Orbison is a single hard to pass, along with Ai Ai Ai, and for something more along the lines of folk, Ryyppy is a great option.

Watch the official video below:

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