2019 Eurovision Review – Estonia

Estonia found success early in their Eurovision history, however in more recent years have struggled to remain consistent. Top 10 results are scattered through the occasional non-qualification, but this year the nation is hoping to continue the success of last year, where Elina Nechayeva finished in 8th place. Representing Estonia is this year is Victor Crone with the upbeat song Storm, but will it reach the heights of last year’s La Forza?

Song + Vocals

Interestingly enough this is one of those songs that many people seem to be either overlooking, or just not buying into, and I will straight up say that I do not understand why. Storm is an incredibly catchy pop song that yes, might be fairly generic, but is perhaps Estonia’s most contemporary pop entry.

The song opens straight into the verse backed simply by guitars, and slowly the beat gets introduced and more of those dance pop elements appear. The verse is fairly long, but it builds well into what we could label the first chorus, although it’s the toned down chorus which is a perfect way to keep building the song. After the second verse and the second toned down chorus, we hear Victor belt out the chorus which feels like the release moment for the song. What I enjoy is that the song ends in the same way it starts, quite understated with just Victor and the guitar. The melodies of the verses and choruses are both insanely catchy, and there has been many a time where this has been stuck in my head.

Vocally I would say that this doesn’t reach the level of the studio version however not enough to be catastrophic by any means. This is the type of song that could definitely use some strong backing singers just to elevate Victor’s vocals, and in terms of their national final performance, I do like that we do get to hear some female vocals as it adds a nice contrast.

Act + Performance

The staging of this song is really where it can be lifted, and I think we saw some of that potential in Eesti Laul. If I remember correctly, the Estonian team were planning on using the concept of the national final performance and just refining it, and that to me is an ideal staging for this song. I would argue that the special effects could be used more, and not left for the end of the performance, however the shots of the audience with phone lights is also another strong possibility, as in the national final performance. Victor is quite a charming performer and seems quite confident in engaging with the camera, but for that to be maximised, the lighting has to be just right to allow the audience to connect rather than performing in almost darkness for the entire three minutes.


I really enjoy this song, and am confused as to why this isn’t as talked about. It’s an incredibly catchy dance pop song with strong melodies and a strong stage performance. It may not be the most original song, but when is the Eurovision fandom ever against a well-produced pop song? I would like to see this in the final but based on the lack of fan support I question whether it will fall to the same fate say as Poland did last year with an entry somewhat similar. The running order for Estonia does also seem somewhat problematic as they are wedged between Australia and Iceland, and following Estonia is Portugal – three very big personalities. Despite that, I still have hope.



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