2019 Eurovision Reviews – Switzerland

If we look back at the recent history of Switzerland at Eurovision, it’s clear to see that the nation hasn’t quite grasped what makes for a successful Eurovision appearance. It may come down to bad luck, but either way, the nation is hoping to return to the final this year with Luca Hänni and his upbeat song, She Got Me. Will Switzerland make it to the final, and additionally could Switzerland actually take out the Eurovision win this year?

Song + Vocals

Switzerland have sent a diverse range of songs to Eurovision, and with the exception of last year (which I do think was deserving of the final, but that’s a whole other story), the nation hasn’t really caught up with times to send a contemporary entry to Eurovision. This year, Switzerland has finally caught up.

She Got Me is easily Switzerland’s best chance at reaching the Eurovision final, and this is also a song that could very easily make its way into the Top 10. The song begins in an understated way, but it builds as the song progresses and we reach the chorus. The melody is insanely catchy, and lyrically it’s easy to sing along to, especially during the pre-chorus and chorus. The song is radio-friendly, but what I enjoy is that the song still has various cultural elements. There is definitely some Middle Eastern influence throughout the song, specifically through the choruses, but also we seemingly get some subtle yodelling during the bridge all whilst still remaining as a contemporary pop song.

We have since heard Luca perform the song live, and interestingly the one thing that could make this song a winner is also the same thing that could hinder this performance. The song clearly lends itself to dance, and based on the film clip this is obviously a very big part of the performance however it could impact his vocals, and ultimately the song should be the main focus. Some strong backing singers could definitely help to ensure that the vocal performance remains strong through all the choreography that I’m certain they are planning for the stage performance.

Act + Performance

Luca definitely seems to be the breath of fresh air that Switzerland needed at the contest. This whole package is reminiscent of Eleni Foureira in the sense that she also had a strong song and was able to nail choreography in the stage performance while ultimately led her to second place. I can see this scoring similar results as Cyprus last year.

One of the biggest strengths of this song is that it does have such a huge potential for dance. Luca is a talented dancer, and the choreography from the video clip complements the song well. I picture them keeping with this overall choreography, and possibly keeping with the ‘theme’ including things like costumes.


I can’t picture this not being in the final. It’s too good of a song, and will likely be too good of a stage performance to not score enough jury and televotes to bring this to the final. With that said, I don’t know if I see this as a winner. It’s good, but I feel as if it will fall short. Top 10 feels likely, Top 5 possibly, but winner, not quite.



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