2019 Eurovision Reviews – Spain

Spain has had a lengthy history at Eurovision, but in recent years has struggled to capture the audience’s hearts and votes. With yet another mediocre result last year, Spain seemed to have lifted their game this year, with the songs part of their Eurovision selection. From that selection, it was decided that Miki would represent Spain with the energetic song, La Venda, but will this finally be the song that brings Spain a Top 10 result for the first time in years?

Song + Vocals

In the scheme of the Spanish selection, La Venda seemed far from the winning song, and in the studio version, it was hard to determine how much potential it had at Eurovision. That all changed in the national final. After hearing all the songs, it was clear that the energy of the performance had won over the audience, and seeing everyone jump and clap in unison was something that if replicated at Eurovision, would bode extremely well for Spain.

After the song had won, I couldn’t imagine any other song representing Spain, and it has remained as a strong favourite of mine. There’s something so infectious about this song, and it never fails to make me smile, or at the very least, tap my foot along with the beat. The national final version of the song was good, but a revamp was probably needed at that stage. We did get the revamp, but it has taken a while to get used to the new sound of the song.

After listening to the revamped version, I found that the song sounded emptier and had more of a tinny sound which I thought reduced the energy levels of the song. Now listening to the song, I don’t notice this as much, and realistically for the first time listeners on the night, they won’t know any better.

I would say that this is the most festive song we’ve seen from Spain in a while, and I think this is a good approach for Spain to move away from the ballads, and contextually this is a good move considering how many ballads are competing this year. This has big potential to stand out, and will easily get audiences up and moving. Miki carries that energy through his performance, and although he may not be the most vocally strong out of this year’s entrants, I think there’s some room to move, provided that the song is performed energetically. The highlights of the song for me are the bridge, where I think the audience will pick up clapping and that will surely give the arena a good atmosphere but also will come across well on television.

Act + Performance

There was some controversy this year, but then again, when isn’t there Eurovision controversy in Spain – but this year it was said that some of the favourites of the show didn’t want to compete at Eurovision. Those participants seemed to pass the torch to Miki, and encouraged viewers to vote for him based on his song, and his willingness to compete. I think this is a great result in the fact that Spain has a representative who genuinely seems keen to participate, and has engaged with the contest on various levels.

Onto stage performance, it was announced previously that star stage director Fokas Evangelinos would be directing Miki’s performance, and that’s a good step forward for Spain who haven’t been too great at staging their entries. There has been a sneak peek popping up online, and it looks interesting, that’s for sure, so hopefully overall it comes together and the energy is maintained.


I feel hopeful that Spain will finish in the top half of the table, but I think that there are certain factors that could mess with their chances, such as a potentially bad running order position, and if the staging doesn’t capture that party vibe as well as it did in the national selection. Even if it doesn’t do well in the voting, I would still say that this is one of the better Spanish entries in recent years, and certainly one of the best upbeat Spanish entries we’ve seen in modern Eurovision.



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