Scandinavia Week: Fan Favourite KEiiNO release new single, Praying

After their televote topping performance at Eurovision this year, Norwegian trio KEiiNO are back with yet another catchy song titled Praying.

The song opens with joiking by Fred Buljo, then we hear the smooth vocals from both Tom Hugo and Alexandra Rotan. It’s a catchy pop tune that feels less of an instant hit than Spirit in the Sky, but likely a song that will take a few listens before it reaches earworm status.

The group talk about the lyrics of the song, saying, ‘Praying is about the fear of dying. And when thinking about death, it’s easy to start thinking about religion. And KEiiNO has a clear message to conservative voices who claim to judge how people live their lives: Won’t let anybody hold me down’

The song was written by group members Tom Hugo, Alexandra Rotan and Fred Buljo alongside Alexander Olsson, Henrik Tala and Rüdiger Schramm. Watch the lyric video below: