Former Eurovision and National Final stars perform at Radio Italia Live!

The Italians are no strangers to live concerts and festivals, and with Summer in full swing, some of Italy’s best musicians have recently performed in a concert of epic proportions. Radio Italia Live featured two dates recently, the first in Milan on the 27th of May, while the second was on the 29th of June in Palermo. Both concerts were live, and featured a range of artists popular across Italy and beyond.

Some of the past Sanremo and Eurovision participants performed at the concerts, so check out snippets of their performances below, or watch the full concert!

Milan Concert

Francesco Gabbani

Loredana Berte

Marco Mengoni


Alessandra Amoroso

Ermal Meta


Watch the full concert below:

Palermo Concert

Achille Lauro

Il Volo


Fiorella Mannoia



Fabrizio Moro

Takagi & Ketra featuring Giusy Ferreri

Paola Turci

Watch the full concert below: