New Music: Our Top 10 Singles of 2019 (So Far!)

It’s hard to believe that the first half of the year is already over, but the first half of 2019 has blessed us with countless new songs from our favourite Eurovision and National final stars. We want to celebrate our favourite new releases of the first half of this year, so here’s just 10 of our favourites! If you want to listen to more new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, make sure to follow our Eurovision Union’s 2019 Playlist on Spotify, which you can also find at the end of this post!

Anda Estragar-me os Planos – Salvador Sobral

There’s something so addictive about Salvador Sobral’s smooth vocals, and mixed with the Portuguese language, it’s totally irresistible. Anda Estragar-me os Planos may be hard to pronounce, but it’s an effortless listen. The song also feels quite summer appropriate, as it’s upbeat and cheerful which is nice to hear from the former Eurovision winner.

Back to the Start – Michael Schulte

As much as his Eurovision entry was a favourite, I feel like it’s incomparable to Back to the Start, which was released earlier this year. It has his signature style, which is an authentic, lyric led pop style however this track is more upbeat, and the melody is super catchy. It’s very radio-friendly, and definitely deserves more love!

Benvenuti in Italy – Rocco Hunt

Rocco Hunt is an artist that can flick a switch between radio-friendly pop-rap to a more street style of rap, but his latest track Benvenuti in Italy definitely leans more on the pop side. This track is super catchy and wouldn’t put off those who aren’t usually a fan of rap music as it really is based more in the pop genre with a strong melody and radio-friendly beat. This is also a summer friendly tune, as it’s energetic and bright.

Choir – Guy Sebastian

This is most certainly one of my favourite new releases of 2019, and certainly one of my favourites from Guy Sebastian. This track is in tribute to one of Guy’s close friends and bandmate who unfortunately passed away. With that said, however, the song is very upbeat and insanely catchy. It will just take one listen to get this song in your head, guaranteed.

Life was a beach – Lena

Lena’s musical style has matured immensely since her Eurovision success all those years ago. This track is an obvious reminder of that, and perhaps could be one of her most contemporary songs to date. Her vocals work well against the beat of this song, and the melody is fast paced but very catchy.

Nada Sale Mal – Aitana

Teléfono was one of our favourite new releases last year, and Aitana has been releasing banger after banger this year. Nada Sale Mal is another insanely addictive song, however has more of a grown up sound in comparison with Teléfono. The song still has a very distinct Spanish feel about it, which makes up a lot of the appeal of the song, but her delicate vocals are also a big part of this track.

Nana Banana – Netta

Netta doesn’t do subtle, and her previous two singles are a testament to that. Nana Banana is her most recent single, and although it’s a little more subdued in comparison to the punch in the face that was Bassa Sababa, Nana Banana still has the quirks we’ve come to know and love from Netta. This song is another success at creating a contemporary and unique pop song, but also still incorporating the Middle Eastern sound.

Sign of My Live – Oscar Enestad

He may not have done too well at Melodifestivalen this year, but we’ve got a sweet spot for Oscar Enestad. Sign of My Love is yet another modern pop number which was actually released prior to his Melfest appearance, and perhaps is slightly better than his competing entry, I Love It. Either way, he knows pop music well, and consistently keeps it youthful.

Sunday – Jessica Mauboy

We see you, Jess Mauboy, we see you. This is probably her best song to date, if not, it’s definitely up there. Every part of this song is so insanely catchy, specifically the choruses which are so energetic. This definitely marks a new era of Jessica Mauboy, especially considering it’s been a few years since her last album. If this is what we can expect from the upcoming album, sign us up.

Words – Molly Hammar

Molly has made a triumphant return to the music scene over the last year and this track certainly slots into the new confident style she has adopted. The song was co-written with Benjamin Ingrosso (as well as Hampus Lindvall and Molly herself) and it definitely has that touch of Ingrosso. It’s contemporary, radio-friendly and the vocals are sublime.

Listen to all the new tracks from Eurovision and National final stars in our Eurovision Union’s 2019 Playlist below, and make sure to tell us your favourites!