Ukraine: National Finalists for Junior Eurovision revealed

Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC have now announced the ten finalists participating in the upcoming national final. The winner of the selection will go on to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision this year, which will be hosted in Gliwice-Silesia, Poland.

The winner of the national final will be decided by a jury, and will be one of the following contestants:

  • Oleksandr Balabanov – Power to You
  • Evangelina Zamula – Malyu You (I Draw You)
  • Oleksandr Zazarashvili – Moia MA (My MA)
  • Sofia Ivanko – Koli Zdaetsya (When it Seems)
  • Varvara Kosova – Divo V Rozmayiti (A Miracle in Diversity)
  • Polina Pisartsova – My Friend
  • Angelina Terennikova – Fly Away
  • Mariya Tkachuk – Nytochky (Threads)
  • Valeriya Hristyuk – I Will Shine
  • Alisa Nota – Noviy den (New Day)

You can listen to the songs here.

The jury is formed of representatives of Ukrainian television as well as music industry professionals. The jurors are:

  • Adam – Singer and Composer
  • Alyosha – former Ukrainian representative at Eurovision 2010
  • Oksana Skibinskaya – Head of Delegation
  • Oleksandr Koltsov – Singer and member of UA:PBC board
  • Oleksandr Stasov – Composer
  • Stanislav Medvedev – Head of Entertainment, UA:PBC
  • Tanya Sha – Singer and Composer

It is expected that the winner will be announced in a matter of days, so stay tuned for more news!