Czech Interest grows for Eurovision 2020

Czech Broadcaster ČT has concluded the song submission period for Eurovision 2020.

It has been reported that a total of 152 entries were submitted to the broadcaster, which is less than the 2018 season. Despite that, the proportion of Czech songwriters has increased, with 72 of the 152 entries received written by Czech songwriters. Last year 300 entries were received, and only 60 of those were from Czech songwriters.

The Czech Republic will be hosting a national final for 2020, and the producers of the show will be now taking all the songs into consideration, and will then make a shortlist of songs that will appear at the selection. The broadcaster hopes to work with the artists as much as possible to create a successful and entertaining show.

The national selection will be held at the Forum Karlin in Prague on the 25th of January. This will be the first time since 2008 that the nation has held a televised national selection for Eurovision. Over the last two years, the Czech Republic has been done online using music videos. The latest two entries from the Czech Republic have also been the highest scoring for the nation, with 6th place thanks to Mikolas Josef in 2018, and 11th with Lake Malawi in 2019.