Eight Acts to Participate in Czech Eurovision selection

Czech broadcaster Česká Televise have announced that a total of eight acts have been selected for the Czech Eurovision national final.

Interested artists were invited to submit their entries for the 2020 season, from which eight acts have been selected by the broadcaster. A jury consisting of Jan Potměšil, Jan Bors, Kryštof Šámal, Marvin Dietmann and Cyril Hirsch listened to each of the submissions and determined the finalists.

A total of four acts were selected unanimously across the jury, while the other four were selected after a round of auditions where twelve acts were asked to perform for the jury. The auditions were held on August 27th and 28th, and the acts were expected to perform a song, introduce themselves and their song, explain their intentions for Eurovision if they were selected and what the competition means to them.

The broadcaster is now working on the final entries that will be performed at the national selection on the 25th of January at the Forum Karlin in Prague.

Czech Republic was represented by Lake Malawi in 2019 with the song Friend of a Friend, which you can watch below: