2019 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Georgia

Georgia are one of the most successful Junior Eurovision nations, having won the contest no less than three times since their debut in 2007. When Georgia aren’t winning the contest, they are often in the Top 10, if not the Top 5. It’s an impressive record, and this year it’s up to Giorgi Rostiashvili to continue the good results with his song, We Need Love.

Song + Vocals

The last two Georgian entries have been among some of my favourite entries not just from Georgia, but in the contest in general, so it was going to take something special to reach those heights. It may be an unpopular opinion among the fans, but Giorgi Rostiashvili has definitely reached those heights.

We Need Love is such a feel good entry. It’s unique, and unlike any of the other entries this year. For that reason, I think it will stand out against its competitors. From the opening moments, I’m captivated by the harmonies, then the bass kicks in and it gives the song a funky feel. The choruses are simple for anyone to sing along to, but still super catchy. The song grows in the last minute or so, as it builds into the English portion of the song. It’s a seamless transition between languages, and gives listeners a taste of what the song is about.

As far as I’m aware, this entry hasn’t been performed live publicly, but we have his national final performances to go off, and vocally, I have zero worries about this. The first performance I clicked on from Ranina was a song very similar to We Need Love and he nails it, so I think we are in for another great vocal performance from a Georgian artist – it seems to be their specialty!

Act + Performance

Giorgi is a confident performer, and just seems incredibly relaxed on the stage. That works well for this song, and with a strong staging, this has the potential to do a lot better than what people may think. The colourful vibe of the music video could be translated to the backing screens of the Junior Eurovision stage to create something eye-catching, but time will tell!

The song doesn’t have the best position in the running order, and might be overshadowed by the boisterous performance of Belarus after it, but I still think this has the potential to do a lot better than what people may predict.


We Need Love is one of my favourite entries from this year, just out of its uniqueness. It’s catchy but relaxed, but still gives Giorgi a chance to shine vocally. With a strong staging, Georgia should be at least in for another Top 10 result, and I’d be disappointed to see this fall below the Top 10.



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