2019 Junior Eurovision Reviews – The Netherlands

The Netherlands are one of the most consistent nations at Junior Eurovision, having competed in every contest since it first began in 2003. Despite that, they have only finished in the Top 5 a total of three times. Could we be seeing The Netherlands return to the Top 5 this year, or perhaps even win the double – both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision in the same year? It will be up to Matheu with his song, Dans Met Jou!

Song + Vocals

I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to the Dutch Junior Eurovision entries, but mainly just the upbeat, kid-friendly ones. Last year we saw the duo Max & Anne perform the ballad Samen, and although it was nice, I was craving a pop number from the nation this year. Well, they certainly delivered, with Dans Met Jou perhaps one of the best pop numbers we have seen from The Netherlands in a while.

This song could probably be compared to Kisses and Dancin, or Love Me by Fource, but in comparison Dans Met Jou seems a little less of a cringe fest (and I mean that in the nicest possible way, seeing as I liked both of those entries!). In terms of kid-friendly entries, this is certainly one of the best ones this year. It has a catchy melody, both in the verses and the choruses, and although it may not be as vocally challenging as some of its competitors, it’s a feel good song, and not all of its competitors have that appeal.

Since the national final version, they have released an updated version which I would assume is the official version. It has added English in the choruses, which to me was probably an unnecessary move, or at least, they could have just used English in the final chorus and kept the Dutch choruses for the remainder of the song. It was one of my favourite parts to sing along to, especially the fact that it was intertwined Dutch and English. It’s probably insignificant in the context of Junior Eurovision though, especially since many viewers will be hearing it for the first time.

Regardless, Matheu is a great performer with great vocals. His national final performance was a clear winner, and I would hope that he will be rewarded at Junior Eurovision.

Act + Performance

The Netherlands seem to excel at creating groups or acts that really appeal to the pre-teen or teen audiences, at least in the Netherlands, where the acts of the national selection continue to release songs well after the contest. I think Matheu will prove to be a relatable figure in the line-up for all the younger viewers, and I would expect at least some televote pull for The Netherlands.

Matheu is also a confident performer, which we saw at the national selection. I’m expecting a slick stage show, which will very likely be focused around ‘the boys’ just like the music videos. With some good choreography, and good backing visuals, this should hopefully be stand out performance.


This song is one of my favourites this year and I would hope that it finishes in the Top 10. It has a fairly late position in the running order which will likely be advantageous, but it will still rely on good vocals and a strong visual performance. If they can capture that youthful feel of the song, it should translate well to the younger viewers – and me.



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