2019 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Ireland

This year marks the fifth participation of Ireland at Eurovision, and since their debut, the nation has yet to find their big success story. Just once has Ireland managed to reach the Top 10, and that was placing 10th, but perhaps this is the year to break Irish records! Anna Kearney will be representing Ireland with the song Banshee, but will it be the Irish success story?

Song + Vocals

In recent years, the Irish national selection has been used to select both the singer and song for Junior Eurovision, however this year it was used to select only the singer. The competing entry, Banshee, was released after the reveal of the winner, which of course was Anna Kearney.

The change in format has resulted in a song that is perhaps more comprehensive, especially in its production. Banshee really suits Anna’s vocal style, which is more on the classical or even theatrical side of things. Her vocals are clear and precise, and it works really well with the song, which could easily have a place on a movie soundtrack.  The melody is nice, although perhaps not the most memorable, especially the verses. In the context of Junior Eurovision, it will likely be remembered for the vocals and atmosphere of the song, rather than the melodies.

The biggest gripe I have with this song, however, is the tempo. It feels like such an awkward tempo for a song, and I constantly want it to move faster, even just slightly. The beat feels like it drags, and I think that’s the biggest factor stopping me from having this song on repeat. Vocally fantastic, but I can’t seem to find peace with the tempo.

Act + Performance

The combination of not finishing my Junior Eurovision reviews before rehearsals and my curiosity has been a dangerous one, and sure enough, I had to take a sneak peek of the rehearsal. I have to say, I was expecting dancers. The backdrop works well with the song, and I think if Anna connects well with the cameras, it could look great for the viewers at home.


I’m finding it hard to really predict this one, as it has a decent spot in the running order, and could potentially score well with the juries based on strong vocals. In terms of ballads, I think there are better in the line-up, but it’s hard to know whether televoters will really connect with the song.



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