2019 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Poland

Thanks to Roksana Węgiel and her song, Anyone I Want To Be, the contest is now being hosted in Poland for the first time. Aside from planning the contest, the Polish team also held a national selection to decide who will follow in Roksana’s footsteps. The winner of the selection was Viki Gabor with the song Superhero, but could she be a superhero and bring Junior Eurovision back to Poland for another year?

Song + Vocals

It was still early days in the Junior Eurovision season with song reveals when Superhero was selected, but from the first listen of this song, I knew it would be a contender. It was instantly more appealing than last year’s winner for me, but with few other songs released, it was hard to tell if it would be eventually overshadowed.

Well, with all the songs released, Poland is still proving to be one of the top competitors this year. Superhero is everything that I would want from a song, Junior Eurovision or otherwise. In fact, I would say it’s better than most of the recent Polish Eurovision songs. It’s modern but still has an ethnic undertone and it is insanely catchy. The balance between English and Polish is perfect, and unlike many of the other songs, the English opens the song, and then the Polish closes out the song which is a subtle but interesting difference.

Vocally, this will likely be one of the best of the night. Viki has an incredible voice that suits this song perfectly. She has a mature tone of voice that I think will appeal to the adults watching as well, and it’s sometimes hard to remember just how young she is.

Act + Performance

The song and Viki’s vocals may appeal to the adults, but her persona and charisma will definitely appeal to the pre-teens and teens. She oozes such a cool vibe that will surely come across on camera.

I have since seen the staging (I can’t help myself!) and I do think it’s very simple, but probably all this song needs. The outfits on the other hand I’m not the biggest fan of, and I think with an artist as edgy as Viki Gabor, the outfits could have been so much better. I get what they were going for with the suits, since it’s almost her signature style, but the colours don’t really work well together, at least in my opinion.


Could Poland win again? There’s every possibility. I think Top 3 is likely, but perhaps the staging will be the deciding factor between what eventually will win, and Poland achieving a second win in a row. Based on song alone, it’s definitely up there with the best of this year. I sense this will get a good jury vote, but a spectacular televote. It’s in a good running order spot as well, so all things are positive for a good result for Poland.



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