Lithuania: Participants of the Second Heat of Pabandom iš Naujo are Revealed!

The Lithuanian selection continues this week, with the broadcaster revealing who will be taking part in the next Pabandom iš Naujo heat. There will be another 12 participants this week, with just 6 qualifying for the next stage of the competition.

Here are the participants:

  • Rūta Loop – We Came From The Sun
  • Solaris – Breath
  • Kristina Jure – My Sound of Silence
  • Alen Chicco – Somewhere Out There
  • Indraya – You and I
  • Germanas Skoris – Chemistry
  • Viktoria Miškūnaitė – The Ocean
  • Antturi – I Gotta Do
  • Abrokenleg – Electric Boy
  • Twosome – Playa
  • Moniqué – Make Me Human
  • Voldemars Petersons – Wings of Freedom

Unlike in previous years, the jury will no longer comment on the performances but instead will view the performances in a separate room. The public vote will no longer be revealed in the show, however the overall results will be revealed at the end of the show. In the case of a tie, the jury vote will take preference.

The jury will consist of Geruta Griniute, Darius Uzkuraitis, Giedre Kilciauskiene, Vaidotas Stackevicius and Leon Somov.