Latvia: Supernova Line-Up Reduced to 9 Acts for Televised Final

Earlier this month, the 26 shortlisted acts for Latvia’s national selection, Supernova were released. Unlike in previous years, this year’s edition will feature a final only, and as such, the broadcaster has reduced the number of participants to a total of 9.

On Saturday the 8th of February, one of these 9 artists will have the opportunity to represent Latvia at the upcoming edition of Eurovision:

Samanta Tīna – Still Breathing

  • Music: Samanta Tīna
  • Lyrics: Aminata Savadogo
  • Producers: Samanta Tīna, Arnis Račinskis

Edgars Kreilis – Tridymite

  • Music & lyrics: Edgars Kreilis, Ingars Viļums
  • Producer: Ingars Viļums

Katrīna Dimanta – Heart Beats

  • Music & lyrics: Katrīna Dimanta, Herberts Blumbergs, Andis Ansons, Jānis Bērziņš
  • Producers: Andis Ansons, Fonds “Līdzskaņa”

Bad Habits – Sail With You

  • Music: Mārtiņš Balodis, Kristaps Grīnbergs, Normunds Bārbals, Jānis Līde
  • Lyrics: Mārtiņš Balodis
  • Producers: Bad Habits

Katrīna Bindere – I Will Break Your Heart

  • Music & lyrics: Katrīna Anete Bindere-Čodere, Jānis Driksna, Niklāvs Sekačs
  • Producers: Kaspars Ansons, Niklāvs Sekačs

Miks Dukurs – I’m Falling For You

  • Music, lyrics & production: Miks Dukurs

ANNNA – Polyester

  • Music & lyrics: Anna Madara Pērkone
  • Producers: Thijs Van Der Klugt, Anna Madara Pērkone


  • Music: Jānis Driksna
  • Lyrics: Aidan O’Connor
  • Producer: Kaspars Ansons

Seleste – Like Me

  • Music: Reinis Briģis
  • Lyrics: Seleste Solovjova-Vlasova
  • Producer: Reinis Briģis