Mitch Tambo: ‘I really do believe in my message and what I stand for’

Mitch Tambo recently rose to fame after his stint on Australia’s Got Talent, where he reached the final after a number of amazing performances. Now, he aims to represent his Gamilaraay culture at Eurovision, being one of the ten performers competing at Eurovision: Australia Decides with his uniting song, Together. We had a chat to Mitch about his experience in the competition so far, and what his entry means to him.

A humbling experience

His performances on Australia’s Got Talent really captured the hearts of Australian viewers, and he hopes to do that once again on the Eurovision: Australia Decides stage. He describes the experience so far as ‘humbling’ and he is glad that what he is ‘bringing to the table is being embraced.’

He continues, ‘We’ve charted in Australia and Europe, and it’s so humbling to know that my music is getting that far, because I am really passionate about my message’

Speaking of his message, he recognises that the main message of the song is in the title, it’s about ‘coming together, about overcoming pain, trauma, transgenerational trauma..  When we come together and love one another, no matter what race, creed, gender, we can do great things and move forward into a much better tomorrow.’

Language Diversity

As we know, Mitch is the only artist using another language in his entry. Together features Gamilaraay, but as he explained, ‘I have a full version in Gamilaraay and a full version in English. I did that so I could blend the two together. I did this specifically for the competition, so I can get my message out as far as possible… and encourage people to embrace who they are’

From Australia’s got talent to Eurovision: Australia Decides

When asked if his experience from Australia’s Got Talent will translate to Eurovision: Australia decides, he stated that ‘every opportunity on stage is an opportunity to grow’ but competition aside, he feels humbled by performing alongside 9 other talented performers.

Mitch had full input into how his entry would be presented on the Eurovision: Australia Decides stage, and hopes that ‘everything will translate onto a bigger stage.’ He knows that Eurovision is more than just a song and a vocal performance, but rather it encompasses everything, from staging to lighting, and camera work.

Australia Decides 2020 will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 8th of February. The show will be broadcasted live on SBS from 7:30PM AEST, and will also be live streamed via SBS Australia’s Facebook from 9:30AM GMT.