Italy: Diodato wins Sanremo 2020 with the song, Fai Rumore

After five exciting nights celebrating Italian music and culture, Sanremo has now concluded with a winner decided. In the final night, the scores were revealed, which included the results of the previous nights.

This year marked the 70th edition of Sanremo, and to celebrate, the contest featured not only the competitors, but a number of special guests. A total of 24 acts competed in the Big category, although by night four, one of the acts, Morgan and Bugo were eliminated due to a mid-performance disagreement.

The acts were judged each night by different juries, a demographic jury, the orchestra jury and the press room jury, as well as the public vote. Once all the votes were added, the winner was decided. Here is the full list of participants in the order they finished in the competition:

  1. Diodato – Fai Rumore
  2. Francesco Gabbani – Viceversa
  3. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari – Ringo Starr
  4. Le Vibrazioni – Dov’è
  5. Piero Pelù – Gigante
  6. Tosca – Ho Amato Tutto
  7. Elodie – Andromeda
  8. Achille Lauro – Me Ne Frego
  9. Irene Grandi – Finalmente Io
  10. Rancore – Eden
  11. Raphael Gualazzi – Carioca
  12. Levante – Tikibombom
  13. Anastasio – Rosso Di Rabbia
  14. Alberto Urso – Il Sole Ad Est
  15. Marco Masini – Il Confronto
  16. Paolo Jannacci – Voglio Parlarti Adesso
  17. Rita Pavone – Niente (Resilienza 74)
  18. Michele Zarrillo – Nell’Estasi O Nel Fango
  19. Enrico Nigiotti – Baciami Adesso
  20. Giordana Angi – Come Mia Madre
  21. Elettra Lamborghini – Musica (E Il Resto Scompare)
  22. Junior Cally – No Grazie
  23. Riki – Lo Sappiamo Entrambi

On the final night, the top 3 were revealed, with Pinguini Tattici Nucleari finishing in 3rd, and former Eurovision participant Francesco Gabbani finished in 2nd. Coming out on top was Diodato with his song Fai Rumore.

He has also since confirmed that he will represent Italy at Eurovision with his entry, Fai Rumore. Listen to the entry below: