Former Eurovision Winners to Return to the stage for Interval Acts

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, and with less than 100 days left until the Grand Final, the host broadcasters have announced more details on the interval acts for this year’s contest.

This year’s contest will be a true celebration of the history of Eurovision and its music and diversity, with 7 former winners set to take to the stage for an unforgettable medley. Here is the line-up:

  • Gigliola Cinquetti – Non ho l’età (Italy 1964)
  • Lenny Kuhr – De Troubadour (Netherlands 1969)
  • Getty Kaspers (Part of Teach-In) – Ding-A-Dong (Netherlands 1975)
  • Sandra Kim – J’amie La Vie (Belgium 1986)
  • Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan – Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids (Ireland 1994)
  • Alexander Rybak – Fairytale (Norway 2009)
  • Duncan Laurence – Arcade (Netherlands 2019)

We will also see former Dutch participant and this year’s host, Edsilia Rombley in a segment where she will drive former Eurovision winners across Rotterdam. This segment will include Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), Anne-Marie David (Luxembourg 1973), Izhar Cohen (Israel 1978) and Niamh Kavanagh (Ireland 1993).

It has also been announced that internationally renowned break-dancer and motivational speaker, Redo, will open the second semi-final with a performance. Redo was born with various malformations, including a shorter right arm which lacks an elbow joint, has only five fingers across two hands and is also missing his right hip, and is short on his right leg. Despite all this, he has not let this affect his life negatively.

At the age of 14, he noticed a group of people break dancing at his high school, and from there, he decided to take dance classes. Initially he found it difficult, but through determination he created a style of his own.