North Macedonia: Listen to ‘YOU’ by Vasil Garvanliev

Earlier in the Eurovision season, it was announced that Vasil will represent North Macedonia at Eurovision this year, and now we can listen to his song, YOU.

The entry was composed by Nevena Neskoska, a Macedonian composer and producer who was born in Ohrid, but raised in Chicago. She also helped write the lyrics, alongside co-writers Kalina Neskoska and Alice Schroeder. The Producers for this entry are Nevena Neskoska, Darko Dimitrov and Lazar Cvetkoski.

Speaking of the song, Nevena said, ‘[It] was created around strong ethnic chants that feel like home to me. We used bass, plucks, tarabuka and chords to enhance that ethnic vibe throughout the song. YOU is about the human connection we have to music and the art of letting go through dance… It’s like a complete takeover of your senses. After compiling together the first demo, I knew there was something magical about it that only Vasil’s powerful voice could portray. Vasil’s interpretation and artistic touch brought YOU to another level, and I know audiences throughout the world will feel the story he is telling.’

The video was directed by Milena Vitman, produced by Jellmaz Dervishi and recorded and edited by Gjorgi Vacev. Watch the video below: