Eurovision 2020 Reviews – Ukraine

Ukraine have a perfect qualification record at Eurovision, and in their fairly short history of the contest, have won twice. That’s not to mention the handful of Top 5 results, so it’s safe to say they are a force at Eurovision. This year it was up to the group Go_A to continue that streak of good results with their song  Solovey.

Anita (Eurovision Union)

Song and Vocals

On paper, this is a song that I would really enjoy. It has a lot of ethnic flair, strong instrumentals and an overall cultural feel about it. In reality, I genuinely cannot stand this song. Since selected, I’ve only listened to this once in full, and now will be the second time I struggle through for the sake of this review.

The song begins beautifully. The instrumentals are fantastic, and the atmosphere the song brings is great. The vocals hit, and that’s where I can’t get on board with this song. Her voice is piercing, and so harsh to the ears. It reminds me a lot of Bulgaria’s entry in 2007, which still to my surprise did as well as it did, but is probably my least favourite Eurovision entry of all time.

I can’t necessarily tell if i’m a majority or minority in this opinion. Some people really love this song, and others are on the same page as me, and I don’t know if anyone really sits in the middle. In a sense, it makes it hard to tell whether this would have qualified. Would juries really go for this? I don’t know. Would the public vote for this? I don’t know.

Act and Performance

The stage performance I have less negative things to say, as I think it was really strong on camera. The colours and lighting really worked, and I think it would have translated well to the Eurovision stage. The pyro guitar is probably overkill, but it’s Eurovision after all.

Next Up: 2021

Look, it’s only fair that the acts chosen this year are re-selected next year, but chances are, I won’t like their song for 2021. That’s down to the fact that I don’t find her voice enjoyable to listen to, so it won’t really matter what the song is, I don’t know if i’d be able to get on board. I’m happy to be proven wrong. A strong visual performance as it was in this year’s national selection may sway me slightly, but we’ll have to wait and see.



Dennis (ESCDaily)

Song and Vocals

Right from the first listen I labeled ‘Solovey’ as ‘Pali Sei 2.0’. The same style of singing, which is very dependable on personal taste, added with a better beat and interesting rhythm. The Polish song of 2019 nearly made it to the final, so clearly there is a target audience for this type of music.

Performance and Act

The performance of Go_A was suiting what you can expect with this song. A bit static, the most movements came from the cameras themselves. Overall it was a credible performance for me, nothing bad I can say about that.

Next up: 2021

UA:PBC, the Ukrainian national broadcaster, has confirmed that GO_A will represent Ukraine at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. So what can we expect? Will they take a completely different approach? The song ‘Solovey’ is one in a risky genre. It is a love or hate entry. Which works out well in a competition. But it remains a risk because if more people hate it, than love it, it might even fail to qualify. Something Ukraine never had to face in their Eurovision past.


I know there are people who utterly disliked the Ukrainian song, like people did with the Polish song in 2019 as well. However, especially in eastern Europe, there is also a big audience for this genre. That’s why I think Ukraine would have come close to maintaining their qualification streak in 2020. Ah well, another song that we will forever have a discussion about.



Additional Scores from Eurovision Union and ESCDaily editors: 

Brandon: 8.5/10

Steef:: 8/10

Joshua: 8/10

Selim: 6/10

Heath: 4.5/10

Kaitlin: 6/10

Average Score:  6.410

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