2000 and Whatever – France

We may not get to see our 2020 favourites take to the stage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce on our Eurovision favourites. This series is aimed to discover the team’s favourite entries from the 21st century, from 2001 to 2019.

In collaboration with ESCDaily, we will be reviewing some of their 21st Century favourites, while over on their site, you will find their reviews of our favourites!

Below our reviews, you will find a poll where you can vote for your favourite Eurovision entry from the 21st Century.


Anita Reviews Dennis’ 21st Century Favourite

Sandrine François – Il faut du temps | 5th place, 104 points (Final)

Again, I’ll admit this was before my time. Hence, this really is a first impression. Both Dennis and Brandon both picked this as their favourite, so it must be good, right?

Vocally this is great, and I can see how it did so well at the contest. I’m not the biggest ballad fan, but can definitely see the appeal. It has that typical ballad style of starting in an understated way, but growing to the peak towards the end. It has a nice melody, but for me, forgettable. The staging was simple, but effective. I think the camera angles worked well for this style of song, and the performance really put the attention on Sandrine’s vocals, which is by far the biggest appeal of this entry.

Joshua Reviews Brandon’s 21st Century Favourite

Sandrine François – Il faut du temps | 5th place, 104 points (Final)

Very French, and very good. ‘Il faut du temps’ possesses a great flow, in signature French style. It is lyrically charming, and holds your interest for the entire three minutes (particularly with that famous Eurovision-style key change). Does Sandrine Francois sound similar to Celine Dion? Yes. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A very strong entry from France that could have won in 2002.

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