2020 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Spain

Although we have only seen Spain at Junior Eurovision a handful of times, the nation has been highly successful at the contest, never finishing outside the Top 5. They returned to the contest last year and finished in a respectable 3rd place, and hoping to achieve another top result is Soleá with her song, Palante.

Song + Vocals

It took only the snippet to know that this would be a song that I would enjoy, and listening to the entire song just confirmed how I felt. After a stunning ballad last year, Spain is returning with an absolute bop. I will say, that I don’t like the slower start to the song, nor do I think it was necessary, but once the beat kicks in, it immediately improves.

What I like about this song is that it feels contemporary, but still has a Spanish flair. You can really hear it during the bridge and final choruses, where we get to hear some of the bigger notes of the song. If she can nail those big notes at the end, it’s going to be strong finish to the performance. I don’t think we’ve heard a live performance of this song, so it’s hard to know what to expect, but I have high hopes for a strong vocal performance.

Act + Performance

Soleá has a strong personality which really comes through on camera, and through the glimpses of her rehearsals, I think we are in for a good show. This song demands a strong choreography, and I am sure we will receive, but let’s hope it’s not at the cost of strong vocals. If this song is parked between two ballads, it’s really going to shine and bring the energy to the show. Place it towards the end of the running order, and it’s likely to be a top contender.


Spain aren’t here to play, they’re here to win. This is yet another strong contender, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this comfortably finish in the Top 3. Easily one of my favourite Junior Eurovision entries this year, and I’m sure many would feel the same.



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