2020 Junior Eurovision Reviews – France

Since their return to the contest in 2018, France has proven to be a strong competitor, yet to finish outside the top 5. This year, the nation hopes to continue this success with Valentina and her song J’imagine, which was written by Igit and Barbara Pravi who wrote last year’s entry, Bim Bam Toi.

Song + Vocals

France have done it again – another catchy song that’s absolutely bound for success at this year’s contest. What is great about France at Junior Eurovision is that they really know how to create a song that appeals to a younger audience, without alienating the older demographic. Both Jamais Sans Toi and Bim Bam Toi had that appeal, and now, we can add J’imagine to that list.

From the first few seconds, the song has caught my attention. Valentina’s voice shines in the catchy verse melody, which is playful and catchy. I love how the beat changes throughout the song, and we get that super catchy tropical sounding beat right before the chorus. The choruses are simple, featuring majority la la la’s, but it’s a nice contrast to the lyric heavy verses and pre-choruses, and ultimately people from all language backgrounds can easily sing along.

I can’t yet speak for how this song sounds live, but listening to more recent clips of her vocals, I think we’ll be in for a treat at Junior Eurovision.

Act+ Performance

If votes were given out for the most adorable competitor, Valentina would certainly top that vote. There’s something infectious about her smile, and that will certainly help capture some hearts when we see her positive energy come through the camera onto our television screens.

As for the staging, I would expect something full of energy and colour. I would be incredibly surprised if we don’t see dancers on stage with Valentina, in a style similar to the music video. France have done a stellar job at staging their recent Junior Eurovision entries, so I have no doubt that this year’s staging will help Valentina shine.


J’imagine has the potential to really stand out this year as one of the strongest upbeat songs in a ballad heavy year. Mixed with the fact that this song itself is one of the best of the year, I think France is in a strong position to take out the competition. If it doesn’t take out the top spot, I think top 3 will be a certain. This is the only Junior Eurovision entry this year that I’ve had on repeat, and I think it will be a Junior Eurovision favourite of mine beyond this year’s contest.



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