2020 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Malta

Malta have had a successful history at Junior Eurovision, having won the contest back in 2013, and in 2015. It’s not unlikely to see Malta reach the Top 10, however last year, the nation finished at the bottom of the table. Hoping to improve on those results is this year’s representative, Chanel Monseigneur with her song Chasing Sunsets.

Song + Vocals

This is another entry from this year’s competition that I haven’t listened to from start to finish, only hearing snippets in recap videos. Now, with a full listen under my belt, I could see how this song would be divisive with fans. It’s not quite a ballad, and not quite an upbeat song, but lies somewhere in the middle. Dare I say, it doesn’t scream ‘competition song’ – while it’s a nice song, it just feels a bit middle of the road.

The revamp did help the song gain a bit more dimension, and it has to be acknowledged that Chanel does have a lovely voice which translates well from studio to live. The melodies through the verses and choruses are nice, but not remarkable. For me, the first moments of the song aren’t strong enough to really grab my attention, and by the end of the song, it feels like a long three minutes.

Act + Performance

It’s possible we might see similar imagery at Junior Eurovision to her official music video, where we see cartoon images projected around her, such as the wings. I feel like this is the type of song that needs a visual storyline just to create interest over the three minutes. The danger with this song is to have a staging that is too static.


This song has the potential to do well with the juries, but looking broader at its competitors, I think there are stronger ballad style songs in the field. We can expect strong vocals from Chanel during the performance, but I think the deciding factor will be the visual performance. It needs to be strong enough to hold the attention of viewers, as the song itself lacks interest. Definitely not my favourite, but it may have a niche audience to help it along in the voting. My prediction is mid to low table for Malta this year.



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