The Roop Release their National Final Entry, Discoteque

Last year, The Roop won the ticket to represent Lithuania at Eurovision through the national selection, Pabandom iš Naujo. The group were set to represent the nation with the song ‘On Fire’, however as we know, the contest was inevitably cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT decided to host Pabandom iš Naujo again this year, with The Roop given an automatic place in the final. The group has now released their competing entry, which would be their Eurovision entry should they win Pabandom iš Naujo again. The song is called ‘Discoteque’ and features the unique style that gained the group many fans during the 2020 season.

Talking about their new entry, the group said, ‘The song “Discoteque” is not a copy of On Fire. That’s what we least wanted. But one thing that connects these tracks (apart from the band members) is that they both sound somewhat unusual. And we like it!’

The Roop are currently favourites to win Pabandom iš Naujo, however the results will be official on the 6th of February when the final takes place.