Blas Cantó to sing ‘Voy a Quedarme’ at Eurovision

Blas Cantó was internally selected to represent Spain at Eurovision 2020 with the song ‘Universo’ however as we know, the contest was inevitably cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Spanish broadcaster chose to continue the partnership with Blas in 2021, however this time around, the song was selected by the public.

In a special Eurovision gala, Blas Cantó performed the two songs in the running to represent Spain at Eurovision, ‘Memoria’ and ‘Voy a Quedarme’.  The show also featured performances from Spanish Eurovision icons, Pastora Soler and Edurne.

The public were in charge of selecting the winning song, and with 58% of the public vote, the winning song was ‘Voy a Quedarme’.

Watch the winning performance below: