German Representative Jendrik Unveils ‘I Don’t Feel Hate’

German representative Jendrik Sigwart has finally unveiled his Eurovision 2021 entry, ‘I Don’t Feel Hate’. Despite the song being leaked early, fans eagerly awaited the film clip, which Jendrik discussed at length during his entertaining social media posts.

Revealing more about the clip, Jendrik says, ‘As a little guy, who doesn’t have any money but with an idea in mind, I started thinking about how I could make a great setting for my music video without being in debt for the next 50 years.

So the idea of the laundrette came to mind and I started offering to take local people’s broken machines from them. So I had tours around Hamburg collecting washing machines and other bits for the video, and then I asked my friends to appear too. The whole thing is self-made.’

Jendrik began playing piano and violin at a young age, and studied musical theatre at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. He has been writing songs for years, including writing songs for the ukulele, his favourite instrument.

Commenting on his upcoming opportunity, Jendrik said, ‘I am really looking forward to performing for Germany at the Contest. Okay – I just can’t stay serious about this. Hey, everyone! I am really going to the Eurovision Song Contest! This is a dream come true. Amazing!’

The Head of the German Delegation, Alexandra Wolfslast said, ‘Jendrik is totally authentic. He has fantastic charisma and incredible entertainment qualities. It was not surprising that he convinced the juries. We are very happy that he will be representing Germany.’