Jeangu Macrooy Showcases 2021 entry, ‘Birth Of A New Age’

This year’s host nation The Netherlands will be represented by singer-songwriter Jeangu Macrooy, who was also set to represent the nation at the contest in 2020. This year he will perform the song ‘Birth Of A New Age’.

In a special broadcast, Jeangu showcased his new entry, which was written by Jeangu himself alongside longtime collaborator Perquisite. The live performance featured his band, as well as three percussionists and the ZO! Gospel Choir. Watch the performance below:

The song features lyrics in Sranan Tongo, one of the languages of his birthplace, Suriname. This will be the first time that Sranan Tongo will be featured in a Eurovision song. The Sranan Tongo lyrics were inspired by the saying, ‘Mi Na Afu Sensi, No Wan Man E Broko Mi’ with the literal translation being ‘I’m half a cent, you can’t break me’. The half cent was the smallest coin in Suriname, so it cannot be broken into a smaller value. The saying represents resilience and determination.