Flo Rida Collaborates with Senhit on Eurovision Entry ‘Adrenalina’

Sammarinese representative Senhit has now released the song she will be taking to the Eurovision stage this year. The song is called ‘Adrenalina’, and features American rapper, Flo Rida.

The song features a nod to Senhit’s Eritrean roots, with two traditional instruments used in the production of the song. The Krar (a bowl-shaped lyre) and the Kebero (double-headed, conical hand drum) can be heard through the song. Senhit is proud to be presenting a song that mixes modern electro-pop sounds and instruments from her heritage,

‘I always want adventure, excitement, new experiences and to live at 360 degrees! ‘Adrenalina’ represents me best with its mix of international electro-pop and refined sounds of instruments that come from Eritrea! That’s why I’ve decided to take it to the Eurovision stage.’

The question on everyone’s lips: Will Flo Rida perform on the Eurovision stage? The Sammarinese team have said that although he was featured in the production, it has not yet been determined whether he will be present on stage. The rap part of the song will remain, either way.