Vincent Bueno delivers another ‘Amen’ for Eurovision 2021!

Say Amen, because the Austrian Eurovision entry has now been released! As we know, Vincent Bueno was re-selected tor represent the nation, after missing out on the opportunity in 2020 due to the cancellation of Eurovision. This year, he will be singing the song ‘Amen’, not to be confused with the Slovenian entry of the same name!

The Austrian entry was premiered on Austria’s Ö3-Wecker radio show, and now the official music video is available on the official Eurovision channel. Speaking of this year’s entry, Vincent says,

‘We have used the past year professionally to find the perfect song at national and international level and among my own songs – and in the end we were sure that Amen is exactly that song. The song found me.

At first glance it’s about a dramatic relationship story, but for me it’s primarily about this inner struggle with your own strengths and weaknesses, that everyone knows, which leads to a bright future.’

Listen to the song below: