Ukraine: SHUM gets a Eurovision Makeover

Earlier in the Eurovision season, Ukrainian representatives Go_A released the song that they would be taking to the Rotterdam stage this year. Their entry, Shum, has since had a revamp and a new video has been released.

Speaking of their entry, the lead singer says, ‘The inspiration for the song was Ukrainian mythology and folklore mixed with and a little bit of dark techno. and it carries a message of unity and hope. The main message of the song is that we all should unite for a common goal in order to do something good and important.’

The song has had a dramatic revamp, with a completely different sound to the song. The first release of the song went beyond 3 minutes, hence was not eligible for Eurovision due to the 3 minute limit on entries. Instead of just cutting the song to fit the limit, the group gave a full makeover to the entry. Watch the video below: