Eurovision 2021 Reviews – Malta

Malta is yet to take the Eurovision trophy home, but rather, have been more successful at sister event, Junior Eurovision. This year Malta will be represented by Destiny, who will be familiar to Junior Eurovision fans as she won Junior Eurovision back in 2015. Should she win this year, she will be the first participant to win both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, but is it in the realm of possibility with her song, Je Me Casse?

Anita (Eurovision Union) 

Song and Vocals 

It’s not often that we see Malta leading in the odds, but it’s easy to see why. Destiny is coming into the contest experienced, having won Junior Eurovision, and participated as a backing singer at Eurovision back in 2019. We know that she is an incredible vocalist and a strong performer, and while her 2020 song was strong, Je Me Casse really cements Malta as a leading favourite of this year’s contest. 

If you had asked me prior to this song being released whether an electro-swing inspired song would be able to top the Eurovision odds, I would have given a firm no, but Je Me Casse certainly leans towards the viral hit, We Speak No Americano rather than the disastrous Electro Velvet. The beat of Je Me Casse is energetic and infectious, and it’s matched well with the empowering lyrics and strong vocals. Last year’s entry, while strong, lacked the same attitude and energy that overflows in Je Me Casse. This song gives Destiny more of a chance to show off her vocals throughout the song, but of course, THAT bridge is incredible. Every winning Eurovision song needs that winning moment, and her vocals during the bridge is her winning moment. 

Performance and Act

Destiny is a strong performer, and we have seen that time and time again through her performances at Junior Eurovision and X Factor. She gives off this strong ‘girl boss’ vibe, especially in this song and the music video, and I think that will really empower the audience. Malta have a winning song this year, but they will need to back it up with a strong visual performance. We will likely see strong choreography, and I hope that there’s an element of fun in there, similar to the music video. 


While I think Malta has a winning package, I think by rehearsals we will have a good idea if Malta will be able to actually pull through and secure the win. This song can appeal strongly with both jury and televote, and that could be what gives Malta the edge over other competitors. It would be great to see Destiny with a Junior Eurovision and Eurovision trophy, made even sweeter by giving Malta their first Eurovision win after all these years. 



Dennis (ESCDaily)

Song and Vocals

Of course Malta is one of the main candidates to win Eurovision 2021 with this song. It has a good hook, with the instrumental parts, reminding me of the big world wide hit ‘We no speak americano’ of a few years ago. Also the French title and self-reference near the end of the song, gives it something light and sympathetic. Add up the high vocal qualities of Destiny and we have a candidate to take a lot of votes in both the jury and televote!

Performance and Act

Here lies the possible strength that makes Malta a candidate for the win, instead of a decent top-10 finisher. Last year, Destiny would have gained a lot of jury points because of her singing qualities and appearance as a professional artist. This time, the song gives Malta the chance to make it stand out with a visual act that lines out with the entertainment within the song. Malta can make a party on stage and I am very confident they will put a smile on everyone’s face in May. 


Malta has never won the Eurovision Song Contest and might be able to finally pull it off this year. They finished in second place twice but I feel confident Destiny has the quality to win over the jury and with this song also enough in the televote to be a serious contender. 



Additional Scores from Eurovision Union and ESCDaily editors: 

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Average Score:  7.5/10

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