Rehearsal Day 3 – Serbia

The Serbian team have arrived in Rotterdam with a good staging concept and strong vocals. Hurricane is a strong group with three powerful women who never take the shine off each other. Each of the girls has their time to shine in this song. The staging for most of the song is a classy black and white theme with some red thrown in every now and then. The colours looked great on camera, and was a change up from all the neon lights we’ve seen today. Towards the end we see different lights and patterns on the backing screen, and I don’t care for it as much as the previous theme.

The vocals were strong throughout the performance, but as we’ve been seeing with many of the performances this year, the pre-recorded backing vocals have been occasionally overshadowing the main performers.

The girls are wearing stunning black dresses which are similar in style, but each girl has a unique version. Their hairstyles are also different, giving each girl their own identity rather than making it too matchy matchy.

Overall, this is a strong performance and I do see it making the final.