Rehearsal Day 6 – Spain

Oh Spain. You don’t have the best luck when it comes to Eurovision, and I fear your luck will not improve this year. As one of my favourite songs, I had high hopes for Blas and his performance of the touching ballad, Voy a Quedarme. The staging is similar to the national final, however this time, there is a real moon rather than one projected. The staging towards the start is dark and intimate, as Blas begins his song in acapella.

After the acapella, it’s revealed that the track has undergone a revamp. I don’t know if I can really call it a revamp, with a lot of the warmth of the song totally lost. While I didn’t love the staging, either in the national final or now in this performance, the song still had the ability to share deep emotion with the viewers. I think some of that is now lost, which is a total shame.

As it stands, Spain is in a lot of danger here. The song itself had potential, but now I’m worried that Spain will fall to the same fate as previous years. Being one of my favourites this year, I hate to say that this is looking like bottom 5 territory unless there’s some significant changes.